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14 Nov 2016

Working with the men of the hour

After working with several TV actresses and Bollywood divas, Kalpesh Joshi expanded his field of work to actors. Makeup for men has to be subtle yet it has to be noticed and work its charm so that on the screen, the actor can work his charm. Kalpesh Joshi has had the opportunity of working with some of the biggest stars of the Bollywood industry. Apart from actresses like Zarine Khan and Evelyn Sharma, he has also worked with the Khan […]

12 Nov 2016

Working with Divas: Kalpesh Joshi’s Experience

Over the years, Kalpesh Joshi, along with his troupe of excellent makeup artists, has worked with some of the leading ladies of the industry. The range of actresses that have taken up the world class services of Kalpesh Joshi varies from TV actresses to film icons. Working with actresses requires a special type of skill set as the makeup done on them varies from scene to scene and has various specifications to be kept in mind. Kaplesh Joshi has always […]