Make anyone look like a super model

When it comes to fashion makeup, you need to remember what works best–drama and imagination. Take a look at any couture advertisement, and you will see that everything is exaggerated. If big and Smokey eyes are the “look” this season, at the photo shoot they’ll be black and overdrawn, going all the way from eyelash to eyebrow. If a nude lip is in this season, it’s about making the lips almost match the model’s skin tone. Fashion is really about breaking boundaries and making the look of the model your own.

  1. Start with the eyes. When in doubt, the bigger the better. Eyeliner, false lashes and lots of mascara are always a good place to start. Big eyes make every women look sexier.
  2. Clean up the skin with foundation and concealer. Super models aren’t born perfect. They are made to look that way with tons of makeup. Perfection is the name of game, so brighten up under the eyes and up cheek bones with concealer. For extra contouring, blend concealer across the jaw line. Blend out any other unevenness in the skin tone with foundation.
  3. Contour the cheekbones with powder bronzer. Use your blush brush to smooth powdered bronzer in between the jaw line and the cheek bones to create more dramatic cheek bones.
  4. Overdraw the lips. Do this by using a lip liner close to the model’s natural lip color. Draw just slightly outside the natural line of the lips by using the natural lines of the lips as a guide. Fill the lip liner all the way into the center of the lips and then finish with gloss. Now you are ready for your shoot.

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