Makeup for Black Skin

A woman’s attitude toward life is completely transformed when a full face of makeup is applied. Women exude confidence and just feel sexy. There’s no doubt that makeup has the ability to give women a new lease on life. However, if you’re makeup is too strong, you run the risk of feeling like a drag queen. If your makeup is too sheer, you’ll feel vulnerable and “naked.” Below are looks that can fit the natural goddesses and the fierce divas.
One of the cardinal rules of successful makeup is to never rock both a heavy eye and lip. But, rules are meant to be broken, right? Forget the cardinal rule and rock a fierce no-bounds makeup look that will give the best face a run for her money. Both the eyes and lips will be a deep hue; the cheeks will be understated and fresh. The trick to this look is choosing deep hues that are fairly neutral. For example, try sticking to a rich dark plum and choose three shades (dark, medium, light).
Apply face makeup as usual, and then start your eye makeup by applying the medium color to your lid, the dark to your crease and the light to your brow bone, and blend. Then, apply some liquid liner and wing out a bit at the end (keep it less than ΒΌ inch). Curl lashes and apply two coats of mascara. Using a fluffy blush brush, apply a peach-toned blush on your cheeks and sweep toward your hairline. Using a lip brush for precession, dab a deep red lipstick on your lips and finish with a dab of clear lip gloss.
Take three neutral shades of eye shadow, preferably brown, light tan and an off-white color. With a densely packed eye shadow brush, apply the light tan color throughout your entire lid, stopping short of the crease. Next, apply the brown shade with a small crease brush (allows for precision); start at your outer corner and work in toward the center. Blend in the colors so there is a seamless transition between the tan and the brown. With an eye shadow brush, apply the off-white color to your brow bone and slightly blend into the brown. Finish off the eyes with your favorite brown/black mascara. With a blush brush, apply a bright pink color that is appropriate for your skin tone to the apples of your cheeks and blend upwards towards your hairline. Complete the look with a nude gloss.

  1. Choose a foundation, concealer and powder that work for you. If you’re black, you may need a slightly darker shade for the summertime than for the winter. Avoid getting a color that is too light.
  2. Look for bold pink and red blushes that match nicely with the naturally flushed color of your dark skin.
  3. Play up your heritage with your eyes. Use brown or black eyeliners for definition and mascaras and eye shadows that will complement your brown eyes. Plums, browns and burgundies work best for you. Avoid light shadow colors.
  4. Choose plums, mauves and browns for lip colors. Avoid pinks, light colors and oranges, as they will not complement your skin tone in most cases.
  5. Stay away from lip pencils in most cases, as you’ll tend to have fuller lips already.
  6. Define and darken your eyebrows with a brown pencil matching your natural hair color.
  7. Test all products at a makeup counter before purchase.

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