The Benefits of Airbrush Makeup

Well, why is airbrush make up so popular?
Because no matter what flaws you have, whether it is those nasty overnight pimples, scars, birth or beauty marks, they’ll be gone in a minute with all the credit going to airbrush make up. To make it that bit easier for us to airbrush at home, some companies have created their own kinds of ‘at home’ airbrush machines to get you looking flawless in seconds.
No one wakes up in the morning looking their best, and if they do then they are very lucky people. Not even movie stars, models and musicians wake up looking like a princess! We all need hair straightener, a shower and a nice outfit, but it almost always involves make-up. And these days it’s not just a bit of mascara and blusher, the make-up artists and celebrities’ favorite kind of make-up is airbrush make-up.

It covers everything you want it to
the amazing thing about airbrush makeup is that it gives the illusion of being lightweight and effortless; however it really does offer heavy coverage on the skin. And the good thing is, airbrush makeup isn’t limited to the face, it can be used all over the body to hide those imperfections that you want to stay hidden. Moles, birthmarks, discoloration and even varicose veins will be hidden in no time! The magic of it is that it gives you heavy coverage but you will not look caked in makeup so you can maintain your natural look.

It’s photogenic make up
if you know you’ll be involved in lots of photos, for example a wedding or party, then you’ll want to look your best on and off the camera. Airbrush make up should be the first choice over normal foundations for these parties and photographs. The airbrush pattern is micro-fine, which means that the makeup photographs evenly and won’t leave any darker or lighter areas than other like some normal foundations do. Meaning you can have more time partying and less time on Photoshop.

It’s suitable for sensitive skin
some foundations irritate sensitive skin because of their many ingredients, and cause the skin to break out creating even more problems for you to handle! However, there is a wide range of airbrush make up that is suitable for sensitive skin, so you won’t need to search far and wide for happy skin.

It lasts a lot longer than normal make-up
Airbrush make up lasts up to 20 hours and won’t rub off, unlike normal foundations. Airbrush make up also doesn’t get easily absorbed into the skin like other foundations. So if you’re up early for a meeting and don’t have time to touch up before lunch with the girls then no worries, airbrush make up will hold the fort for you.

Its perfect whatever the weather
we all know some foundations are oily, and will needs a face powder on top to reduce shiny marks. However because airbrush make up is micro-fine and as light as a feather, it contains no oily residues and won’t make you look like a wax figure in the summer.

It’s the cleanest way to apply makeup
Even if you clean your foundation brush after every use, airbrush make up will still be more sanitary. This is because the airbrush machine never touches your face, therefore it can be used by anyone and no one needs to worry.

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